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Configurable to meet your exact requirements

Calibration Toolbox ADO gives you JET (Access) or MS SQL-Server connectivity.
Configure your database. Rename, reorder or hide fields. Select which text fields are free-entry or must be selected from your own drop-down lists.
If you select to enter data into a field via a drop-down list, creating the list is quick and easy.

All your data - at your fingertips

Locate devices quickly and easily. Search by date, by category or a combination of both.

Once found, the basic information is displayed bottom right
The complete calibration record for your device, including full history, equipment used in calibration etc, is only a click away.
Access every historical calibration record for each device.
Maintain a complete record of all equipment used in the calibration of your device, ensuring total traceablity of calibration.
Access external data files such as manuals, calibration procedures, drawings and photographs etc using File Launcher.

Powerful tools enable you to work with maximum productivity

Create a calibration template for each type of device you calibrate, and re-use it anytime. Up to 40 channels of calibration data can be strored for each device.
Create multi-page calibration certificate templates for each type of device you calibrate, and re-use them anytime. What you see is what you get, and certificates can be exported directy to PDF.
Track all calibration jobs as they arrive. From sending a recall e-mail, to final return to user. Export job histories to MS Word or MS Excel.

Uncertainty Budgets Made simple

Create uncertainty budgets using pre-defined uncertainty components. We provide you with some but you can also make your own.
Uncertainty components consist of a list of uncertainty contributions. There could be several or just one for example, "From Certificate".
Once you have created your budget, adding the numbers and performing the calculation takes minutes.

Interactive Year-Planner

The interactive year-planner enables you to tag important dates such as staff-holidays, unavailability of equipment etc.
When a calibration date coincides with a year-planner entry you are warned.