Calibration Toolbox ADO

Compliant in Every Way

Calibration Toolbox ADO is capable of operating in the most demanding environments. It complies fully with the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and also meets the exacting standards of ISO 17025 and GLP/GMP. Also available is our Software Validation Pack that will enable validation of your installation to FDA Standards.

From Small Labs to Worldwide Enterprises

Calibration Toolbox ADO offers 2 database options to suit your requirements and current database infrastructure:

Microsoft SQL-Server
Microsoft JET (Access)

We're so confident of how much you'll be impressed by Calibration Toolbox ADO that we'd like to offer you Calibration Toolbox ADO - Lite totally free.

Calibration Toolbox ADO - Lite is a fully working version of the software but is limited to a maximum of 100 entries. There is no time limit or evaluation period. For those new to computerised calibration management, this version will enable you to explore the wonderful range of possibilities that Calibration Toolbox ADO offers. It is also perfect for users with a limited number of devices that are calibrated to rigorous standards.

For those of you looking to upgrade your existing system to one which can serve you for years to come, discover the feature rich environment that this software offers using Calibration Toolbox ADO - Lite.

  1. Full-featured software
  2. Microsoft JET (Access) database
  3. Single consecutive-user license
  4. In fact, the only limit is that you are restricted to a maximum of 100 devices on your database

We'll even import your current calibration spreadsheet or database free of charge

Please Use the table below to help you which version is most suitable for your needs:

Version Toolbox ADO - Lite Toolbox ADO - JET Toolbox ADO - MS SQL
Free Yes No No
ADO Database JET (MS Access) JET (MS Access) MS SQL Server
Simultaneous Users One Between 5 - 10 Unlimited
Max Database Size 100 Entries 1 - 2 GBytes Unlimited
Free Basic Support 1 Month 3 Months 3 Months
Extended Support No Available (i) Available (i)
21 CFR Part 11 No (ii) Yes Yes
ISO 17025 etc Yes Yes Yes

(i) See support options

(ii) Single identity login - no password protection

How Do I Get a Copy for Myself ?

There a 2 ways:

  1. Follow the Download links on this site. You will download a file, called ToolboxADOInstall.exe, which, when you run it, will install the software for you.
  2. Contact us and we'll send you a CD

How Do I Register My Software ?

Until you register your copy, Calibration Toolbox ADO will run in evaluation mode that gives you all of the features to try out using our read-only demonstration database.

1. Calibration Toolbox ADO - Lite

When you are ready to go (take as much time as you need - there's no time limit), just follow the simple registration procedure and we will send you your unique activation key to have you up and running in minutes.

2. Calibration Toolbox ADO JET(ACCESS) and SQL Server

Again,as soon as you are ready just send us the following information:

  • Your product serial number
  • The number of consecutive users you require
  • Support options (if required)
  • Your contact details

Note: Your activation code will be sent to you immediately upon receipt of payment.

Can I add more users or upgrade to Calibration Toolbox ADO JET(ACCESS) or SQL Server at any time ?

Yes. Buy what you need now, but be confident that, as your requirements grow, Calibration Toolbox ADO can grow with you.