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Compliant in Every Way

1. Calibration Management Software

Welcome to the home of the Caliso range of calibration software products from Humpage Technology.

Caliso software is used throughout the world by scientists and engineers alike. Please take a moment to browse through these pages. You can, if you wish download our software from this site, or please feel free to contact us or any of our international distributors, who will be pleased to send you CDs and further information.

Calibration Toolbox ADO

This is calibration management software for the most demanding applications. Used and trusted by scientists and engineers all over the world for over 10 years, Caliso Calibration Toolbox has become the standard by which all calibration management software is judged.

Calibration Toolbox ADO, sets the bar even higher than before. In our opinion, nothing else comes close.

There is full compliance with the requirements of both 21 CFR Part 11 and FDA validation guidelines. Calibration Toolbox ADO also totally complies with the requirements of ISO 17025, ISO 9001, GMP and GLP.

You will also find a comprehensive set of tools to help you with practically all of the jobs required in modern calibration facilities:

  • Uses the very latest ADO technology to provide either JET (Access) or MS SQL Server connectivity
  • Powerful database search, locate and reporting tools
  • Track calibration jobs from recall to return to user
  • E-mail calibration reminders
  • WYSIWYG calibration certificate design
  • Measurement Uncertainty calculator
  • Regression analysis
  • Yearplanner and diary

and much more.

Caliso Calibration Administrator

Calibration Management made easy. This cost-effective, user-friendly application is perfect for the day-to day job of keeping track of devices and instruments, managing their calibrations, and storing and organising calibration data.

It has a comprehensive and highly configurable database with user-definable fields, and the following useful tools:

  • Powerful calendar with export facility
  • Calibration reminders with e-mail facility
  • Application Launcher

2. Temperature Calibration Software

Caliso Temps

Caliso Temps is feature-rich automated temperature calibration and datalogging software unique in it's support for a fantastic range of equipment from world famous manufacturers such as Techne, Hart Scientific, Isotech, Dostmann, ASL, Druck, Jofra, Cropico, Anville Instruments, LabFacility, and Julabo.

This is the most advanced automated temperature calibration system available with features that include:

  • Fully configurable calibration tests
  • Automated setpoint control and datalogging
  • Reference temperature correction
  • WYSIWYG custom certificate design
  • ITS-90, Callendar Van Dusen, thermocouple and regression calculations
  • Support for web-cam image capture for non-RS232 devices.

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All software can be downloaded from from our website or mailed to you on CD:

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