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Humpage Technology Ltd - Latest News

October 2015: Pipette Video Tutorials Now Available Online

Following numerous requests from our customers and distributors, we've created a set of short video tutorials to demostrate how how simple and accurate routine pipette calibration becomes when you use Calibration Toolbox ADO and the Site Technician remote data entry module.

They are available in two standard video formats: *.mov and *.mp4: Please take a look and let us know what you think:

1. Introducing Calibration Toolbox ADO
View in mp4 format View in mov format
2. Test Plans and Calibration Procedures
View in mp4 format View in mov format
3. Creating Worksheets for Site Technician
View in mp4 format View in mov format
4. Calibrating Pipettes Using Site Technician
View in mp4 format View in mov format
5. Importing Calibration Data and Making Calibration Certificates
View in mp4 format View in mov format

August 2015: A special version of Calibration Toolbox ADO - dedicated to PIPETTE CALIBRATION - is now available

Calibration Toolbox has had pipette calibration functionality for quite a few years. But now, in order to assist both new and existing users, we have added additional test plans, procedures and certificate templates to the already comprehensive Toolbox ADO setup. We hope you find them useful.

Features include:

  • Test Plans for a wide range of pipettes
  • Generates PDF calibration certificates - with many certificate templates available "off the shelf"
  • Single, and mult-channel capability
  • Interfaces to all types of laboratory balance
  • Automatic calculation of Z-Factor, Imprecision and Inaccuracy

Video tutorials for our software and much more.

We've added our Caliso Temps tutorials and will be adding Calibration Toolbox ADO and Calibration Administrator tutorials very soon - please check back.

Click here to go directly to the pipette module's download page


Click here for further details

February 2015: Our Youtube channel is now OPEN

Our Youtube video channel is now open.

Video tutorials for our software and much more.

We've added our Caliso Temps tutorials and will be adding Calibration Toolbox ADO and Calibration Administrator tutorials very soon - please check back.

Click here to visit our Youtube channel

January 2015: Caliso Temps Video Tutorials Now Available

We've put together a series of seven short video tutorials to enable you to get the most out of Caliso Temps. They will show you the main features of this leading temperature calibration software, from setting-up an interface, through to running a test and, finally, producing calibration certificates. The videos are in Realplayer "mov" format which is supported by most PCs and a wide range of tablets.

Please let us know if you have any problems viewing these videos.


  1. Lab Interface: Connecting Equipment
  2. Lab Interface: Webcam Support
  3. Lab Interface: Instrument Communications and Data Interface
  4. Lab Interface: Setting Up and Starting a Test
  5. Lab Interface: Setpoints and Reference Temperature Stability
  6. Builder: Designing Calibration Certificate Templates
  7. Builder: Calculations and Generation of Calibration Certificates
Please contact us dierctly, or get in-touch with your local distributor, to arrange a demonstration of Caliso Temps. See how much quicker and easier your temperature calibrations can become.

April 2014: Pipette Micro-Site for Mobiles Now Available

Optimised for iPhone, Android and Windows phones, iPad and Android tablets.

Key Features:

  • Z-Factor Calculator
  • Temperature Converter
  • Pressure Converter
  • Selected links to service providers
There's also a secure registered user area for you to store your own calibration reminders

Click here to visit

March 2014: Calibration Toolbox ADO - Pipette Calibration Module

If you need to calibrate pipettes, we think that you need to take a serious look at our Pipette Calibration Module:

Key Features:

  • Unlimited test plans (procedure templates) can be created and re-used
  • Software communicates with all makes of laboratory balance - no need to write down measurements
  • Fast, user-friendly interface guides you through the procedure with clear, audio and visual prompts
  • Z-Factor, imprecision and inaccuracy are calculated automatically
  • Produces multi-page PDF calibration certificates

For further details of the Pipette Calibration Module, please click here

March 2014: More New Devices Supported by Caliso Temps

We work constantly with manufacturers, such as Isotech and Techne, and our team of distributors to ensure that Caliso Temps supports as many temperature calibration instruments as possible. We do our very best to add new instruments as soon as possible after they are released.

Most manufacturers understand that it is to everyone's benefit that their temperature calibration products are supported by Caliso Temps. Others, mentioning no names, are totally uncooperative. That's up to them but our opinion is that, if a device's communication protocol is in the public domain, for example in the form of freely downloadable PDF manuals, were are perfectly entitled to support it in our software.

We are pleased to announce that the most recent additions to our repertoire are:

  • Isotech milliK Precison Thermometer
  • Fluke/Hart 7012 Calibration Bath
  • Fluke/Hart 1502 Thermometer Readout
  • RKC FB-900 Controller

We are always looking to support new instruments and will always strive to make sure that we support the very latest products. If your company uses, or indeed manufactures, a device that is unsupported, plese get in-touch with us, we'd love to hear from you. We do not charge for this service, as we said above, in the end, its to everyone's benefit.

October 2013: Caliso Calibration Administrator Updated

Do you need a basic calibration management system that will greatly increase your productivity and accuracy without costing a fortune? If you do, then look no further, the latest Caliso Calibration Administrator is exactly what you need.

When in was released almost five years ago, Caliso Calibration Administrator was hailed as the true leader when it came to low-cost calibration management solutions. Now it has been fully updated to operate on the very latest Windows operating systems.

If you currently use either a spreadsheet or database to manage your instruments and calibrations, have a look at Caliso Calibration Administrator, you'll be impressed by it's simplicity and power and, of course, outstanding value for money.

Click here for further details, and to download your free evaluation copy

Sept 2013: Calibration Toolbox ADO Web Portal now available

Take your calibration management to the next level. View your Calibration Toolbox ADO database through the internet or your company intranet. Simple to configure, powerful to use.

The Calibration Toolbox ADO Web Portal enables your customers or staff to access instrument data through any web browser. You configure what information your user sees for each device, and which devices your users can access, for example, if you are a calibration company, each customer will only see their own instruments. If, on the other hand, you are a calibration lab within an organisation, you may wish users to be restricted to instruments within their own department or location.

Click here to try the Web Portal for yourself

The Calibration Toolbox ADO Web Portal offers you outstanding value for money. Why pay for full-user licenses for those who only require read-only access to instrument data or who only need to view a calibration certificate or instrument availability ? With the web portal add-on you don't. You only pay once for the Calibration Toolbox ADO Web Portal and that gives you unlimited browser capability. Unlike some of our competitors, we we don't try to string you out for every penny we can.


  • Users login with password (selectable)
  • Configurable search options
  • Device viewing restrictions by Customer, Department etc
  • Select which fields to display
  • E-Mail capability via SMTP server
  • Download calibration ceritificates, procedures, photos etc

System Requirements

The web portal is easy to set-up. Here are what you will need:

  • At least one single-user license for Calibration Toolbox ADO (either JET/Access or SQL Server), in order to maintain your database and generate certificates etc
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) server connected to the internet or your local intranet
  • Web browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome etc
You will be up and running within minutes.


Caliso Software products are now widely used in many disciplines including:

  • Calibration laboratories
  • Medical calibration - patient monitor, sphygmomanometer, etc
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Gauge calibration
  • Temperature calibration
  • Healthcare
  • Universities
  • Government departments
  • National engineering laboratories

and are used by some of the world's finest companies such as:

  • Worcester - Bosch
  • Millbrook Proving Ground
  • Vehicle Certification Agency
  • Devon County Council
  • Owen Mumford
  • Smiths Medical
  • EADS
  • James Walker
  • SPI Lasers
  • Cott Beverages
  • Exova

Click here to try the Web Portal for yourself

Caliso Software is sold around the world by a range of international distributors all of whom can provide excellent sales and technical support. They will be happy to assist you. If there is no local distributor for your area, please contact Caliso Software direct.

We are always looking to extend our international sales network so, if you are interested in becoming a Caliso Software distributor, please contact us.