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Web Portal
Demonstration Version

The Calibration Toolbox ADO Web Portal enables your customers or users to view data and download calibration certificates through browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. It also has full email capability.

You install it on your own Microsoft IIS Server or on a Virtual Private Server of your choice. In either case the installation will be your Portal over which you have complete control. We will be happy to advise and assist you.

Please click the link below to open the Portal. Usually, you would be asked to enter your user name and password, but we have this turned-off for the demo. Then please follow these instuctions to get started:

* Select Your search field e.g. Device Type - click "Begin Search"
* To change Device Type entry click "Select Another Entry" e.g. Multimeter Digital and click "Search Again"
* To search on another field click "Select Another Field" e.g. Department and click "Begin Search"
* Click the "Calibration Details" button for any instrument to see the latest calibration measurements
* Click the "Details" button for any instrument to and then click the "View Sample Calibration Certificate" link to download the latest calibration certificate in PDF format.

Note: there is also an email link on the Details page but this is for indication only as no SMTP server has been configured for the demo.